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solar energy

Power your Home or Business with solar energy

Save money on electricity, protect yourself from rising energy prices.

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Our Solutions

Residential and Commercial buildings can be the most suitable places for distributed energy generation. Renewable Energy and Solar PV generate electricity directly from sunlight and provide power for homes, businesses, schools and institutions.

We help businesses to reduce their electricity costs and environmental impact while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.
Get renewable solar energy that could save you money and protect you from rising electricity prices.
Solar carports are the ideal solution for supporting any type of photovoltaic system when suitable roof top space is not available.

Self-consumption is a process by which a single prosumer (residential, commercial and industrial) uses on-site generation to partially or entirely cover its own electricity needs.

Self-consumption makes consumers active players of the energy transition, a key objective of the Energy Union and helps European consumers and businesses to control their energy bill.

Lower Energy Costs

Solar offers great potential to save money on your monthly utility bill and serves as a hedge against volatile energy prices.

Increase Property Value

Solar panels are viewed as upgrades just like renovations, so purchasing a solar system will likely increase your home’s value.

Own your own power

Generate your own clean energy, increase your level of autonomy and energy independence.

Our Projects
Larisa, Greece
Project Size 1MW
Agrinio, Greece
Project Size 3,1MW
Mpongwe, Zambia
300KW solar-diesel hybrid
Bucharest, Romania
Project size 1,1MW
Viotia, Greece
Project Size 484ΚW
Under construction
Project size 200KW
Under construction
Project size 200KW
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