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About Us

Glensol  is a project developer and  provider of renewable energy solutions and services for public and private sector, delivering long term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies.

Energy moves our world. Economic Development and growth are determined by access to electricity. Solar is an abundant source of power and alternative cost effective energy solution to fossil fuels which is the leading cause of global warming.

Founded in 2012, Glensol Energy is your ideal partner in renewable energy projects.

We plan, develop, build and operate renewable energy projects. Our solutions diversify the energy portfolio, reduce dependence on traditional power systems and provide energy savings.

  • Reliability

    with strong technology partners , Tier 1 module manufacturers and global EPC firms , we ensure project development with excellent cost- performance ratio.

  • Strategic

    cooperation with investment and asset management firms with expertise in structured finance, capital markets enables us to deliver utility scale, distributed and off-grid PV solar projects.

  • Holistic Approach

    to solar energy across the entire value chain, from project development to financing, construction and O+M. This enables us to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and deliver a reliable system design.

  • Credibility

    Evaluating our leading technology and innovative solutions , risk profile and financial standing, our partners can see a pattern of more value and less risk than competition.

More Value
Less Risk


Our Projects
Larisa Arena

Larisa, Greece

Project Size 1MW
Ground mounted PV

Agrinio, Greece

Project Size 3,1MW

Mpongwe, Zambia

300KW solar-diesel hybrid
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