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Microgrids - Hybrid

A microgrid is a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid. A microgrid can connect and disconnect from the grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or island mode. A remote microgrid is a variation of a microgrid that operates in islanded conditions.

Hybrid power plants or Microgrids are small scale energy systems that use distributed energy resources (DER) to balance local needs. For example, diesel generators coupled with wind turbines, or solar and wind energy combined. Microgrids consist of components such as energy generators , battery storage, loads and smart control equipment. These systems can be connected to the main grid in a parallel mode or can operate as stand alone . Microgrids are being used for different applications such as off-grid communities, islands, hotel resorts, university campuses, industrial plants, etc.


  • Independence from volatile fuel prices
  • Reduce your total energy costs
  • Increase energy security
  • Fuel reduction from 10% up to 100%
With our solar hybrid solutions, we optimize the integration of PV Power Plant into the exiting power grid. The smart controller that works as an interface between the different power sources , is able to control each power generator to guarantee a stable and most cost-efficient power supply. Adding a Battery Storage can increase solar PV penetration to the system and offset the fuel consumption completely.