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Solar Carports

Solar carports are the ideal solution for supporting any type of photovoltaic system when suitable roof top space is not available.
This versatile structure provides a solid foundation for solar panel installation, enabling the maximization of renewable energy production. It is a solution ready for photovoltaic system integration. Choose the solar panel carport to fully harness solar potential and contribute to the transition towards a sustainable energy future.
Pensilsole Middle
Pensilsole Cantilever
Fixing Systems to the Ground-standard Version
Installation without foundation works with reinforced concrete bases.
Installation with special steel plates on reinforced concrete foundations.


Advertising Panel

The cantilevered structure gives cars maximum freedom to maneuver.

Ground Fastening Systems
The structure is fixed on reinforces concrete foundations

Aluminum profiles and hot-dip galvanized steel components with polyester powder coating.

Individual components are CE certified.


Discover the Naked Solar Power aluminum photovoltaic pergola, the perfect solution to meet the growing demands for autonomous and renewable energy production.
Naked Solar Power is a support structure for photovoltaic panels designed to integrate any type of photovoltaic system, eliminating the need for auxiliary structures.Our Naked Solar Power is a photovoltaic pergola with a simple and clean design, ideal for creating a welcoming outdoor environment while harnessing renewable solar energy. This versatile structure can also serve as an elegant carport, seamlessly integrating into any architectural setting.
Why choose the Naked Solar Power modern solar pergola?
  • Photovoltaic Support

    Naked is an aluminum pergola designed to support photovoltaic panels of any type and size available on the market. You can optionally request the photovoltaic kit, which includes panels, inverters, and the battery storage pack.

  • Waterproof sliding ceiling

    Naked Solar Power can be finished with an optional sliding PVC roof, which makes the pergola waterproof.

  • Snow load

    Naked Solar Power, whose maximum dimensions are 600 x 500 cm, is able to withstand a snow load of 48 daN/m2 for the standard version and 150 daN/m2 for the reinforced version.

  • Easy to assamble

    Ease of installation translates into overall savings for the end user, which represents value for money.

  • Doesn't require maintenance

    Naked Solar Power’s simplified structure is built to allow cleaning and maintenance of its aluminum profiles and the roof, in case it is in the presence of trees and plants that lose their foliage during the winter season.

Dimensions of standard module

Maximum dimensions of the self supporting standard module (cm). The roof is extendable by associating additional modules with the base module max total with cm 326 available shapes square or rectangular additional module:

500x600 height (cm):


Available Shapes:

Square or rectangular

Additional Modules:

The photovoltaic canopy is expandable with additional modules, allowing you to increase energy production capacity


100% aluminium

Coated with polyester powder

Standard colours:

  • White, matt
  • Dove grey, matt
  • Dark brown, matt
  • Special grey, smooth

Other colours from the RAL range with smooth glossy finish or smooth matt finish are available on request.

CE certification Individual components are CE certified

Made in Italy Pergola with a typical italian design


Naked Solar Power provides the necessary support for your photovoltaic system, seamlessly integrating it into the structure without the need for auxiliary support structures. The panel attachment system to the structure is included in the supply and can support all types of photovoltaic panels available on the market in various dimensional configurations. The panels can be arranged flat or tilted.



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