Fuel Displacement Solutions

Fuel Displacement Solutions

In many countries the cost of diesel is typically US $1-1.5 per litre. And fuel costs per kWh diesel-generated power can be over US $0.30 per kWh.

As the cost of solar is now typically less than half that of diesel, using a solar PV system to offset diesel will cut overall operating costs significantly.

Solar is the new source of fuel that help us avoid power outages and increases enerfy efficiency.

Glensol develops innovative Hybrid PV Systems that combine solar power with a fossil fuel engine generator as a secondary power source.The produced solar power reduces the load on the generator and eventually reduces fuel consumption. pdf Glensol Hybrid PV.pdf

An ideal solution for rural industries or communities , mining, hotels and resorts, health centers...

PV Diesel Hybrid System

Fuel Saver Hybrid PV

Fuel Saver Hybrid PV Loads



We have years of experience in providing residential
and commercial services in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.


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Glensol is an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable solar energy solutions for companies, individuals and government organizations delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. Our solutions range from upgrades to facility's energy systems to the development of renewable energy plants combined with tailored financial solutions.

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