Off Grid Systems

Off Grid Systems

Off-grid solutions – or local generating systems separate from the national electrical grid – promise to bring electricity to millions of people in energy-poor areas, including rural areas in developing countries, and offer a tremendousopportunity for new investments based on renewable technologies.

Renewable energy provides rural electrification opportunities, and offer the promise of energy access to clean, secure and affordable energy to communities that currently lack electricity.

Solar energy has already become cheaper than diesel generation, with clear benefits for communities which live in areas far away from the electricity grid.

Our cost effective off-grid solar solutions deliver power to customers around the world. These solutions are used 

in a wide-range of industries, markets, and organizations including:  Communications, Transportation, Agriculture, Remote Communities, Utilities, and Government.

Glensol aims to develop offers for off grid systems that produce solar power that is not connected to the public  grid such as solar street lights, backup power solutions, solar water pumps etc.

Solar off grid power systems already represent an attractive economic alternative to conventional power systems  or generators based on fossil fuel. Standalone systems can store electricity for later use and they have become popular for public lighting, healthcare clinics, educational classes, social events, sports and other  activities.

  • Solar Water Pumps (agricultural use) - pdf Glensol Solar Pump.pdf
  • Solar Street Lighting
  • Stand alone Home Systems
  • Regfrigeration & Healthcare applications
  • Back Up Generators - pdf Datasheet.pdf


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We have years of experience in providing residential
and commercial services in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.


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Glensol is an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable solar energy solutions for companies, individuals and government organizations delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. Our solutions range from upgrades to facility's energy systems to the development of renewable energy plants combined with tailored financial solutions.

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