On Grid Systems

On Grid Systems

We offer a wide range of services through every step of each process, planning, design, development, and implementation of both residential and commercial solar power systems.

Our solar power systems cover a wide range of roof top or ground mounted solutions that ensure both technological innovation and high quality products.


Solar Energy is now Cost Competitive with Traditional Energy Sources

Grid connected Solar Power systems  provide a LCOE ( Leveliged Cost of Energy) of between $0.10-0.18/kWh, depending on irradiance levels, interest rates, and other factors such as development costs.

Renewable technologies are now the most economic solution for new capacity in an increasing number of countries and regions. Renewables are also increasingly the most economic solution for new grid-connected capacity where good resources are available. As the cost of renewable power drops, the scope of economically viable applications will increase even further.

In Residential systems, innovative energy management units like Phonocube combine inverters, batteries and pv system into one compact unit and make Energy Storage more possible than ever before. - pdf Phonocube.pdf

  • Residential solar systems
  • Commercial & Industrial Roof Top
  • Utility Scale projects
  • Energy Storage 

Commercial Roof Top

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We have years of experience in providing residential
and commercial services in Greece, Cyprus and Romania.


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Glensol is an independent provider of comprehensive energy efficiency and renewable solar energy solutions for companies, individuals and government organizations delivering long-term value through innovative systems, strategies and technologies. Our solutions range from upgrades to facility's energy systems to the development of renewable energy plants combined with tailored financial solutions.

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